New album, first single and videoclip

March 24th sees the release of “Everything Happens For A Reason”, Kiko’s brand new album featuring vocals from Concha Buika, Han Lei and guest appearances from DJ Spen, Boris Dlugosch and Gabriele Poso.

On 2nd december of last year has been released the first single teaming up with legendary vocalist Julie McKnight for soulful gem “All Because Of You”. Filled with bright, airy strings, warm synths and broken beats, not to mention the stunning vocal, Kiko’s original version feels like an instant classic. Remixed by Kiko’s alter ego KOKI, Karim Sahraoui and Steve Mill.

we asked our friends around the World to help us create a video for Kiko Navarro’s new single ‘All Because Of You’ featuring Julie McKnight, the incredible vocalist behind Kings Of Tomorrow’s classic song ‘Finally‘.
The response was overwhelming, with friends and fans from across the globe filming themselves playing, drumming, singing and dancing for Kiko.
Atmospheric and effortlessly cool, ‘All Because Of You sees McKnight’s sweet, full vocal placed over simple synth bass, gradually building intensity toward a powerful and emotional crescendo.
Described as a “Future Classic” (CJ Mackintosh) and “Absolutely Necessary” (Soul Clap).